Dr Shelton Premaratne - An Appreciation

Dr Shelton Premaratne - An Appreciation

Dr Shelton Premaratne was born into a remarkable family of musicians. He was destined to become a professional musician.

The fact that he was able to advance his legacy to the highest level in the world of eastern musical scene speaks volumes for his talent and determination.

Intellectual curiosity led him to venture into unchartered territory enabling him to produce music of unprecedented quality and achieve extraordinary feat.

His reverence for the roots of Sri Lankan music which was influenced by Buddhist religious traditions,  ancient folk rituals, Indian culture, and also the legacy of colonization from the mid-15th century stimulated his creative appetite.

He is credited with developing a unique Sri Lankan music style which manifested itself in stage productions, Sinhala cinema and songs. The originality and freshness were distinctive.

Dr Premaratne lived a full life. It was a joy to be in his presence. His wit saw no limit. His turn of phrase was remarkable.

Sri Lanka’s loss was Australia’s gain. He spent his time generously passing on his skills to the younger generation.

It has been a great honour and privilege to know such a remarkable person, a genius in every sense of the word.


Maithri Panagoda

Adjunct Professor of Law

University of Notre Dame