Perth Airport flights cancelled as refuelling issue grounds planes

Perth Airport flights cancelled as refuelling issue grounds planes

Perth Airport has been thrown into chaos as a significant fuel supply issue causes mass flight cancellations over the weekend. Nine international and five domestic flights have been cancelled and more are expected, with airlines advised that inbound flights will not be able to refuel.

A Perth Airport spokesperson confirmed that the aircraft cannot refuel due to a problem with load pressure in the fuel lines.

A spokesman told that the airport is experiencing “a significant issue with its fuel supply system which is having a major impact on flight operations”.

“The issue is causing a lack of pressure in fuel lines and local experts have been working to resolve the issue,” they said.

“Aircraft arriving at Perth Airport are currently unable to be refuelled.”

A refuelling issue at Perth Airport has grounded domestic and international flights on Saturday morning, throwing the weekend travel plans of thousands into chaos.

At least 30 departures have been delayed or cancelled, as well as at least 40 arriving flights.

Both domestic and international flights are affected.

The disruption has extended to airports around the country and internationally.

At least six flights from Sydney to Perth have been cancelled, as have five flights from Perth to Sydney, while in Melbourne at least eight flights are affected.

It's understood passengers are also stranded in international airports waiting to get to Perth.