The BNS Show - 2nd Concert

The BNS Show - 2nd Concert

The Concourse Concert Hall - Chatswood, Sydney

8 JULY 2023 - SOLD OUT

Due to the popular demand second show has been scheduled on 9th July at 6pm at the same venue. Please text  or call  0432 473 218 or 0417 216 003   for pre-release tickets.


For further information please text 0432 473 218  or  0417 216 003

For Prepaid Meal packs please visit the website of our caterer - Dish Sri Lankan Street Food, via folowing links

(BNS) Bathiya & Santhush are one of the biggest musical acts in the Sri Lankan music Industry.

The two of most innovative music personalities of this generation Bathiya and Santhush (BNS) featuring Umaria and Randheer along with one of the leading band in Sri Lanka 2forty2  will be touring Australia and New Zealand this year. Bring back the memories with your favorite Duo.. An exclusive Concert  at prestigious Concourse Concert Hall.

 For further information please contact  0432 473 218 or 0417 216 003